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Our Lived Experience

Have you ever wondered how more manageable your bipolar could’ve been? Imagine that you knew a little more about bipolar, like you do about HIV or Cancer as a matter of fact.

While at school, the closest that I ever got to knowing what bipolar is, was from a section out of the curriculum dedicated to depression, from an overambitious guidance teacher. My second encounter with bipolar was from the tv show, Shameless, which simply romanticized the disorder that is bipolar (and not HIV or Cancer). Bipolar may not be under the same bright lights of the latter, as we attach too much importance to them for considerable reasons; however, it’s a disorder that’s blanketed not just by the individual but by the stigma that society attaches to it.

Let’s stretch the timeline a bit here (and keep the stigmas for another post. Wink!). According to healthline.com, bipolar…

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